Bienvenue à Noémie Stäubli


With the strong post-Covid upturn of activity, Noémi, a polyglot and multi-skilled person, has joined our staff. Her main tasks will be to relieve the management, which comes right on time. Let's give her the floor!

My name is Noémi, I am 37 years old and I come from the canton of Glarus in Switzerland. I did my schooling and studies in Strasbourg in Alsace. As a travel enthusiast, I first studied foreign languages, before moving on to the field of Tourism. In 2007, I passed a Bachelor's degree in Applied Foreign Languages and the following year a Bachelor's degree in Tourism as a Project Manager.
I worked for 11 years in the Tourism industry as a group tour leader, travel advisor, and tour guide. These jobs in front of the public were very rewarding. However, in 2021, I wanted to develop my career in order to work as a Manager assistant in an international company. I started a training course as a Manager Assistant at the Elan training center in Strasbourg in 2022. It is with great enthusiasm that I am now joining the team of Cremer Consulting in Strasbourg.