Black Mask


Over the last few months a new beauty trend has hit the market: the black mask. Made from a base of charcoal and liquid glue, these masks are believed to have skin cleansing properties…

According to the ads, unsightly blackheads can be removed with these masks, getting stuck in the substance and lifted out when you peel it off. Yet black masks can actually be highly damaging to the epidermis.
The solvents present in these products are highly irritating to the skin, and the act of peeling off the dried mask, commonly lauded by mask creators, actually alters the uppermost skin layer. The results can range from skin irritation to edema.
Use these masks too long and you can considerably harm your skin, thus increasing the chances of more serious conditions like hives or eczema. What’s more, the solvents in these products are often inhaled while you apply the mask and can also be harmful to the respiratory system.