Can cell ageing really be reversed?


British researchers have found a way to halt the process of cell ageing.

Eternal youth - it’s one of Man’s oldest dreams, and now we’ve taken a small step towards
making it a reality. Researchers at the University of Exeter recently made a discovery that
paves the way towards more effective treatment of ageing-related conditions.

They found that hydrogen sulphur (H 2 S) enables the body fight cell ageing and degeneration.
As we age, the amount of H 2 S in our body falls, which speeds up cell ageing.

Still, it would be a bad idea to load up on the substance – it’s only effective in small doses,
and only when inside the mitochondria. The British team of researchers managed to reduce
the number of ageing cells in their experiments, and now harbour hopes of using this method
to treat conditions caused by ageing, particularly cardiovascular disease.