Can laughter make you live longer?


More and more specialists are prescribing daily laughter for our health! Apparently, laughing “massages” the body and stimulates our organ processes…

Laughter is first of all known to be a great stress-reliever thanks to the endorphins released with every chuckle, which in turn reduce the adrenaline produced by stress and relax the muscles. By also improving blood circulation and oxygenation of the heart, laughter reduces the risk of blood clots too, as well as keeping blood pressure low.

Hospital clowns? They might seem like two words that don’t go together, but the benefits of laughter are used in hospitals too. Humour helps with pain, through the endorphins produced when you laugh that act as pain medication, making patients more tolerant to pain.

Need more encouragement to start laughing your cares away? According to some experts, laughing boosts self-confidence and helps people create relationships. And finally, laughing at yourself from time to time helps you accept your mistakes and move on.

So don’t stifle it, let that laughter rip!