Does male fertility have an age limit?


You probably know that women are fertile up until menopause, which occurs at around 50, but what about men? Let’s see…

When we think about male fertility, we tend to assume that, contrary to women, men remain fertile
all their lives. In the last few years, though, research has warned us about reduced male fertility.

Yet is there an age when men experience a significant decrease in fertility? Well that seems to be the
case according to a recently-published study in the British Medical Journal. These researchers found
that 35 years represents the age at which male fertility starts to decline to such an extent that the
health of future children is at risk.

Issues such as premature birth, low weight and more were recorded by researchers as linked to age-
related declining male fertility, just as much as that of women, based on 40 million births. This
constitutes proof that men experience declining fertility as they age, particularly involving
deteriorating quality of spermatozoid genetic heritage.