End your year relaxed and reassured


So here we are, a year full of medical communication projects is coming to a close. Soon it’ll be time for a few days of rest and fun with family and friends. So to help you “let go” of work concerns for the break, call on our services.

Boost your visibility

It’s never too late to increase your visibility! Your work deserves to shine just as much in December as the rest of the year, and here’s where we come in.

Here at Cremer Consulting, we know there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your work published for all to see. Yet we also know this requires flawless communication done in a professional manner using the latest techniques.

This is where we can help – whatever your specialty or field, our expert two-man teams go above and beyond to ensure scientific and linguistic rigor. So why wait? Call on us to boost your visibility to the world.

Need someone to take charge of writing up your data? Need proofing? Or maybe it’s for adapting and submitting your work? Or even translation? Just ask us – let us know what you need. Our team will be more than pleased to give you a precise and quick response.

Last feedback of the year

Last feedback of the year

This year is coming to a close with great feedback from our clients. Here are a few examples.

Have a look at what some of our clients have to say about our services as this year comes to an end:

“Thank you for this final version, which is exactly what I wanted. I am grateful for your much-needed help that saved me so much time and energy.”
Prof. Dargaud, September 2018

“We, too, are getting back to business […] and will be certain to call on you for your German translation services, which are always of such high quality.”
M. Boulanger, September 2018

“I thank you for your professionalism and how quickly you were able to complete this work, you really saved my life…”
Dr Montiel, November 2018

Whether to express your satisfaction or suggest ways we can improve, we’re always glad to receive constructive feedback! Write to us whenever you like at info@cremerconsulting.com.

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day

It may nearly be time for festivities, but this December still holds several world health days. Here we look at one of the most famous – World AIDS Day.

December 1st 2018 is World AIDS Day, as it has been every year since this awareness day was established in 1988 by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and approved by the United Nations General Assembly.

The AIDS virus first appeared around the end of the ‘70s and today affects over 36 million people all over the world. While great progress has been made in treatment over the last decades, there is still no definitive cure.

This day is to remind us all that the scourge of HIV/AIDS has not gone away, and that even if most sufferers can now live relatively normal lives, access to treatments varies widely and the virus still kills nearly a million people every year.

Annual Closure

Annual Closure

The end-of-year celebrations are approaching, and with them the only time we close. So don’t get caught by surprise – send us any urgent projects you have before December 22!

Here we are, the year is coming to a close and Cremer Consulting will soon close for a few days, as we do every year, to celebrate the end of year.

We will thus be closed from Saturday 22 December 2018 to Tuesday 1st 2019 inclusive. So make sure you get your urgent projects in to us as soon as you can.

We love the festivities of Christmas and New Year with family and friends, and are looking forward to getting rested and re-energised ready for working with you again first thing next year! Looking forward to getting back to our passion of medical communication, we wish you all a lovely Christmas and festive New Year!