Fighting Fatigue at the End of Winter


Nature is much more effective than stimulants like coffee and Coca-Cola®. It created ginseng and acerola to give you a boost for the duration.

Ginseng has been used since antiquity and has proven to be the most energizing of all plants. It’s an excellent physical and mental stimulant that’s consumed especially during convalescence or in case of pronounced exhaustion. For less severe fatigue, some lemon and cinnamon in the form of hot herbal teas work wonderfully.
Another classic and very effective remedy for kick-starting your motor during life’s dull periods is the acerola. It comes from a little cherry in the West Indies, it’s a natural form of vitamin C, and it’s assimilated quite naturally, while being able to greatly increase your energy level.
All of these plants have a strong, pleasant taste, and they combine the benefits of being invigorating, digestive and antiseptic.