Football and cardiovascular risk


Everyone should now be aware that the FIFA World Cup recently took place in Russia. In most households, the fridges were full of beer, cupboards filled with crisps, and football shirts worn at the first opportunity. Yet, be cautious and don’t forget your heart health during such an emotionally-fraught season…

In 2006, a cardiologist team from Munich University conducted a scientific research study during the World Cup in Germany. The scientists established a link between national football matches and risk of myocardial infarction. Not unexpectedly, the occurrence of heart attacks increased by 3.66 for men and 1.82 for women during Germany’s biggest matches.

Many reasons likely account for this: increased mental stress, strong emotion, excessive eating and drinking, and so on. Several medics have recommended not attending major matches in the aftermath of a heart attack, and particularly to avoid watching penalty shoot-outs. Medical doctors also advise patients suffering from cardiac disease to avoid drinking large amounts of beer or soda during the matches, and maintain a healthy diet instead. So no matter how important the match, take your health more seriously than your football!