Glasses that let you see all the world’s colours


Over 300 million people around the world are colour blind. The youngest are the quickest to realise just how differently each of us see the world around us.

So we ask ourselves "Do you see what I see?" or "Do you sense what I sense?" A few years ago, a new invention made it possible for the colour blind to perceive colours like the majority of other people and thus for the first time ever experience the world as others do.
These glasses were created in view of correcting the two most common types of colour blindness, and are now available on the market, thus enabling deuteranopes to see green (instead of a shade of yellow) and protanopes to see red (rather than a dark tint of orange). The first experience can apparently be intense and troubling.
The lenses of these glasses filter the wavelengths of light in such a way as to amplify the colour signal sent to the brain. They are currently for sale for around 225 to 460 euros.