Green tea activates the regenerative system


A number of studies have clearly demonstrated that green tea displays numerous health benefits, a major one concerning the body’s regenerative system. To confirm this, several studies were implemented in subjects who smoke.

Currently, it is well established that cigarette smoking damages the blood vessel lining, subsequently resulting in an increased risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Moreover, it is well established that cigarette smoking severely damages stem cells, thereby diminishing the numbers of circulating stem cells.

Korean and Japanese researchers investigated the impact of drinking green tea on the stem cells of smokers, enrolling 20 young men in their late twenties, with a 6-year smoking history. (1) These volunteers were invited to drink four cups of green tea daily for overall two weeks, resulting in a consumption of 56 cups of tea. Blood samples were drawn at beginning and study end in order to assess the number of circulating stem cells.

Data analysis revealed that drinking green tea led to a 43% increase in circulating stem cells over the 2-week study period. In addition, green tea consumption was associated with additional health benefits, including a 29% vascular dilatation of blood vessels. In further experiments, the experts demonstrated that green tea was able to generate and induce cell regeneration within the brain, muscle, bone, and nerves, while being able to accelerate wound healing. In brief, there are enough reasons to encourage you to consume green tea on a daily basis.

(1) Kim W, Jeong MH, Cho SH,, et al. Effect of green tea consumption on endothelial function and circulating endothelial progenitor cells in chronic smokers. Circ J. 2006;70:1052-1057.