Hepatitis C screening in just 15 minutes


Hepatitis causes 500 000 deaths per year in the world, the vast majority involving liver disease and, in some cases, hepatocellular carcinoma leading to liver disease.

In France, an estimated 75 000 people are carriers of hepatitis C without even knowing it. The potential benefits of screening are thus considerable, hence why new tests enabling hepatitis C detection in just 15 minutes have been created.

These tests are highly anticipated, particularly by associations. They will enable anti-HVC antibodies to be detected in the blood, serum or plasma. One drop of blood is all that is needed and the results are ready in 15 minutes. Interpreting them is easy, too, similar to how pregnancy tests work: one stripe indicating a negative, two a positive.

All doctors, medical biologists, midwives, nurses and laboratory technicians working in the healthcare sector, along with even non healthcare professionals who have received training and work in health establishments, will be able to perform the test.