He’s got cooties!


Cooties – or scabies – is a contagious condition caused by a parasite that bores into the top layer of the skin. It was nearly forgotten, but has made a comeback in the last few years…

Contrary to what some may think, scabies are neither embarrassing nor serious. This condition affects all classes of society and ages. Approximately 300 million people are thought to suffer around the world.

Scabies typically manifest as localised itchy patches between the fingers, on the wrists and the inside of the forearms, an itchiness that usually gets worse at night.

The most annoying aspect of this condition is probably its treatment, which should be sought as quickly as possible. In order to effectively eradicate scabies, you not only need medical treatment in tablet or lotion form, but it proves additionally essential to wash all your linen and clothes at 60°C.