How to get back to work with a bang


August is coming to an end, along with most people’s holidays. Of course, our teams are here to help you make a great start back to work, and this is a key time to join us on Twitter too. Follow us to keep up with our news, and find tips on how to have the most successful September possible!

(Relax and sink) Back into work!

Dreading returning to work after all that relaxation on holiday? What you need to do is delegate!

It can be difficult to keep your head when you’ve got so many different projects to do at once…Luckily, Cremer Consulting is here to lighten the load, making sure you don’t exhaust yourself just weeks after coming back to work!

Call upon the expertise of our medical publishing specialists to help bring your projects to life! Writing, translation, proofreading, adapting and submission – we’re only too happy to help with any or all steps of publishing your work.

After over 10 years of working with renowned professors to get them published in the world’s most prestigious medical journals, we have the know-how and experience to combine with your talent and make your project a success. So make the right choice and contact us!

You can now find us on Twitter!

You can now find us on Twitter!

It’s one of the world’s leading social networks and we’re now on it – we’ve made the jump onto Twitter!

Medical communications. Two words that symbolise a vast field on an international scale. So in order to further boost our own communications, we have recently opted to join the ‘Twitterverse’.

Follow us on Twitter and you’ll find regular posts about everything to do with the world of medical communications, our clients and our own company’s activities. Interested in what publications have been accepted after we revised them, the inner workings of Cremer Consulting or what news there is of our renowned clients? Follow us and you’ll stay updated with all our activities, and all in less than 280 characters!

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 "Objectifs Peau": an exciting new study on skin diseases

"Objectifs Peau": an exciting new study on skin diseases

Launched in 2016, the French "Objectifs Peau" study on skin disease assessed a sample of over 20 000 French people over 15 years of age. The aim? To gain in-depth understanding on what a psychological, social and economic burden skin diseases really represent for sufferers. The ultimate goal? To improve how patients are received and treated offering them better quality of life and care.

Following several months of questioning participants via online questionnaires, the results are in. And they reveal a lot. No less than 30% of French people, in other words 16 million people, reported having suffered from at least one skin disease over the previous year. Acne, eczema and psoriasis are the most common complaints, with over 8 million affected by just those diseases. Luckily, 90% of French people suffering from skin problems stated that they take the condition seriously. So much so that most underline how important a role their dermatologist plays, managing to establish an accurate diagnosis in the first consultation in 8 out of 10 cases.

So it seems clear that people should no longer be shy about visiting a dermatologist! These specialists are there for you and every day provide a service that goes far beyond simply treating cosmetic complaints. In fact, superficial issues represent less than 10% of their daily work – we’ve now seen the proof!



The summer of 2018 has struck Europe with particularly hot weather, with a heatwave stifling the continent for several weeks. Let’s remind ourselves of how to survive it.

The key action is simple – when the mercury gets up to extreme temperatures, we need to protect the most fragile of our communities, namely the elderly and infants. And here’s how:

Drink lots of water. At times like this, our body loses much more moisture than on normal days, so we need to compensate for this loss by hydrating more than usual. Also, protect yourself from the sun and if you do have to go outside, try to time it in the early or late hours of the day. Finally, keep the temperature low inside by opening up your windows and blinds at night then keeping them closed during the day.

You’ve probably seen that meteorologists predict that temperatures will just get more and more extreme in the years to come, but you can count on one thing and that’s Cremer Consulting ! For many years to come, we’ll be here to take on your medical writing and proofreading projects…whatever the weather!