July 2018: a new kind of newsletter…


From now on, our newsletters will include one or several videos to offer you a more fun and informative service – let us know what you think! This July newsletter is the first to be tried out, hopefully bringing a little sun not only to your day but also your medical communications!

For the general public or healthcare professionals: we provide medical writing services for everyone

For the general public or healthcare professionals: we provide medical writing services for everyone

Today we’re taking a quick look at what medical writing involves, and how it serves both healthcare professionals and the general public.

Medical writing is an integral service among the panoply of medical communications activities offered by Cremer Consulting, alongside translation and linguistic revision. Are you looking to publish a medical article for healthcare professionals? Or perhaps you are looking to publish healthcare articles for the general public? Whatever your need, our teams are here to help.

We offer a full start-to-finish service to healthcare professionals looking to publish their work in scientific journals – you send us your research and from it we produce an article worthy of publication in the world’s most prestigious journals. We can also guide your choice of the best journal for your work, and will take care of the often tiresome submission process.

There are more and more health magazines and columns publishing every day, both online and in print, and their popularity is growing. Hand in hand with this trend, people are increasingly doing their own research into health issues on the internet. Contact us to talk about your project and we will ensure your work gains visibility by presenting it in clear and attention-grabbing articles.

Human medicine vs veterinary medicine

Human medicine vs veterinary medicine

As we gain more and more experience in the field of veterinary medicine here at Cremer Consulting, it seems a great time to compare this fascinating specialty with that of human medicine…

Since last year, we have had the chance to really expand our activity in the field of veterinary medicine. As we delve further into this field, we have been struck by parallels that can be drawn with human medicine, which remains our agency’s primary field of focus.

So how can these two fields even be compared? What we have found is that veterinary medicine is actually very similar to human medicine in many ways. The goals, methods and medications used in both are just a few of the many elements that share the same principles, whether you’re talking about treating humans or animals.

Still, we’re not saying people and animals don’t have characteristics that set them apart, and that has an impact on the publications we handle. Take the last project we worked on which discussed antiparasitics – in veterinary medicine, these medications have a double effect as they not only protect the pet but also indirectly protect its owners, their home and thus also their family.

Your opinion is so important to us!

We’ve always placed high importance on the opinions of our clients! Let’s take a look at the latest testimonies of our services.

Here’s what some of our clients have said about our services over the last few months:

  • “All our articles have been accepted by journal editors and published, or are soon to be published, which just shows how excellent our collaboration is.”
    Prof. Zalcman, October 2017
  • “Thank you so much for your quick turnaround and the great quality of your translations!”
    Mrs Wessner, November 2017
  • “I cannot praise our collaboration highly enough: you work extremely quickly and our exchanges are always friendly and simple. […] Any time we asked for clarification we got a quick response –basically, this is an excellent agency that I cannot recommend too highly!”
    Prof. Neu, June 2018

Wishing to express your satisfaction? Got some ideas for how we could improve our service? Whatever your comment – we’d love to hear it! Write to us whenever you like at info@cremerconsulting.com.

Respecting your personal data - GDPR

Respecting your personal data - GDPR

Cremer Consulting takes personal data privacy seriously. Following the newly implemented European regulation on data protection, we thought it a good time to give a recap of our data use.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25, 2018, and governs data protection in all member countries of the European Union.

In order to conform to this new act, we are required to remind you that we collect and process some personal data like email and professional addresses in our agency. This data is only used by Cremer Consulting SARL for communications about our activities and current events, as well as general business purposes.

The personal data we hold remains 100% within the agency and is never transmitted to any third party. This data is stored on a secure local server and all our computers have robust antivirus software. You have the right to consult, modify or ask for the deletion of any of your personal data we hold, at any time.

For any such request, simply write to us at info@cremerconsulting.com.