Narcissistic perversion


Narcissistic perversion is a well-known cause of abuse and suffering. The emphasis is often placed on the victims, who are in real danger from these individuals, rather than on the perverts themselves. “Clinical presentation”:

People who have this narcissistic personality disorder find validation through the constant oppression of others. While they may not necessarily realise how much suffering they could be causing, they are fully aware of their actions, which are often premeditated. So is it a real condition or just a personality trait?
The causes of narcissistic perversion are still poorly understood, though it often concerns individuals who already have psychotraumatic disorders that are the most often diagnosed with this condition. These people suffered or witnessed violence in their past, such as in their family life.
Choosing a victim to abuse is, for them, a way of escaping, enabling them to erase their trauma and boost their own self confidence.