New accepted article: Aittigrine et al., 2023


Congratulations to Pr. Tozzi and colleagues for the publication in the Medical Research Archives of their systematic review on the use of percutaneous annuloplasty in the treatment of mitral regurgitation. We are proud to have been able to contribute to the success of this article.

Mitral annuloplasty is a commonly performed surgery in the treatment of mitral regurgitation. Given the morbidity and mortality associated with this open-heart procedure, its use is reserved for selected patients. A percutaneous approach, which is less invasive and therefore associated with less morbidity, may be more advantageous in some patients. One of the avenues explored is to act via the coronary sinus.

In this systematic review, the authors discussed the most recent findings regarding devices for performing indirect percutaneous annuloplasty, highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, and synthesized the key messages to be learned from these previous experiences to improve clinical outcomes.

This review concluded that indirect percutaneous annuloplasty is an attractive alternative for the treatment of mitral regurgitation if certain conditions are met. The authors conclude that the development of a reliable annuloplasty device will certainly improve the applicability of transcatheter mitral procedures, thus avoiding open heart surgery in eligible patients.

The article is already available on the journal's website!