New collaboration with Dr. Bausard Latrech, algologist specialist


It’s quite recently that our collaboration with Dr. Bussard Latrech has been set up. Noticeably, Dr. Latrech spent most of his youth and early adult life in Strasbourg, where our agency is domiciled. Yet, he has now been working for several years in Brussels, Belgium, where many of our clients come from.

Dr. Latrech studied medicine at Strasbourg University where he also specialized to become an anesthesiologist. Since these early years, he has gathered extensive experience in anesthesia and resuscitation in both medical and surgical settings.

As author or co-author of numerous scientific publications, Dr. Latrech’s research has been published in major high-impact factor journals. He has attended numerous conferences and symposia focused on his main area of interest: pain assessment and treatment, as well as ultrasound-guided and other innovative techniques in regional anesthesia.

Recently, in November 2019, Dr. Latrech was promoted into the role of departmental head of the Pain Clinic of the Chirec Hospital, Brussels, Belgium. We wish to heartily congratulate Dr. Latrech for this further step in his successful career.