Special Edition: 15th Anniversary of Cremer Consulting SARL

Cremer Consulting SARL is 15!

Cremer Consulting SARL is 15!

It gives me great pleasure to write this short introduction to an event that would have been difficult to imagine 15 years ago. Since that day we first opened, the years have sped by, each bringing its own unique adventure.

All these years have been rich in new knowledge and many different discoveries. It’s never been easy; in fact we’ve had our fair share of unforeseen difficulties, like the terrible COVID-19 crisis we’re going through right now. Yet we’ve always come through, enriched by the experience. And I have no doubt we will come through this one just as well!

For this special edition, I’ve invited two of our employees to express their own viewpoints, offering you insight into their personal experience and evolution in our agency. I also took the opportunity to introduce you to some of our longest-standing clients who have become more like friends over the years.

Basically, what this special edition is all about is to share with you our great pride and joy in celebrating this anniversary, a fantastic achievement that even this long lockdown couldn’t beat.

Client portrait: Professor Gérard Zalcman

Client portrait: Professor Gérard Zalcman

During this holiday-filled month of May, we’re eager you join us in celebrating a certain partnership we hold particularly dear – that of our team with Professor Gérard Zalcman.

Professor Zalcman is head of thoracic oncology at the Bichat hospital in Paris. He and his team are above all dedicated to advancing the diagnostic techniques and treatments for lung cancer. Ever striving to push research forward, he regularly conducts clinical trials offering patients access to the most innovative of treatments. As an example of his work, he notably published on the genetic mutations involved in lung cancer and the treatments that specifically target these mutations.

In order to share the fruits of his research with the entire scientific community worldwide, Professor Zalcman’s articles are published in prestigious journals, and when he requires help perfecting his manuscripts written in English he calls upon our medical editing services. Our native English experts take care of correcting and perfecting his manuscripts, and we also make sure these publications are adapted to the journal instructions for authors. Taking care of every last detail, we thus send Professor Zalcman completely finished articles ready for submission.

It has been more than 10 years since we first had the pleasure of meeting the professor, and we hope there will be many more years working together still to come.

Dr. Patrick Micheels, our Belgian friend in Switzerland

Dr. Patrick Micheels, our Belgian friend in Switzerland

Dr. Patrick Micheels has been one of our most loyal clients for many years, and we have actually already released an article celebrating our collaboration in the past. Now we are pleased to once again talk about his life and work…

Dr. Micheels is Belgian by birth and will always be so in his heart of hearts, despite having relocated to Switzerland in 1997. Following his specialization in cosmetic medicine and laser surgery, he now practices cosmetic procedures in Geneva. A real perfectionist, Dr Micheels constantly strives to provide his patients with the best care, always following the latest published scientific data and his own research.

Dr. Micheels regularly calls upon our expertise for his publishing projects, and has done for several years now. Just recently, we contributed to the writing and submission of two of his manuscripts focused on injection depth in mesotherapy. This technique, developed by Dr Michel Pistor in 1952, can be used in pain management, sports medicine and even in cosmetic medicine. In the latter, the approach consists of performing highly superficial injections of low-dose medication for procedures, such as facial rejuvenation, for example.

Ever attentive to the needs of his patients, Dr Micheels is fully invested in improving their quality of life. During our years working together, his selfless and caring nature has really shone through, and we wish him all the success in the future, it’s no less than he deserves.

An inspiring collaboration with Professor Cédric Hermans

An inspiring collaboration with Professor Cédric Hermans

Professor Cédric Hermans’ prolific scientific output has always been truly inspiring to all of us here at Cremer Consulting SARL, hence why we sought to make a special dedication to his work in this newsletter celebrating our 15 years of activity.

Professor Cédric Hermans is not only an eminent hematologist, he is also Editor-in-Chief of renowned journal Haemophilia. Like us, he knows the value and power of words. As head of the Adult Hematology Center at the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc in Brussels, Professor Hermans focusses particularly on blood coagulation disorders and hemophilia. He is highly active in this field, and is even a member of the medical advisory board of the World Federation of Hemophilia.

Yet, that’s not all. Professor Hermans is also vice-chancellor of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the Université Catholique de Louvain and Editor-in-Chief of their monthly review, Louvain Médical. We know the journal particularly well from having regularly revised clinical study summaries in English to be published within its pages.

As he expressed in his publication on the relevance of medical and scientific writing (Plaidoyer pour l’écriture médicale et scientifique1), Professor Hermans recognises the real added-on value that our collaboration together brings to publications, and he continuously promotes our agency among his network in the medical field. It is with the utmost sincerity, then that we can express our extreme gratitude to Professor Hermans. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

1Cédric Hermans. Plaidoyer pour l’écriture médicale et scientifique. Louvain med 2017; 136 (8): 459.

Client profile: Professor Ana Boban

Client profile: Professor Ana Boban

Like the rest of our team, Professor Ana Boban is a regular collaborator of Professor Hermans, Head of Hematology at the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc in Brussels. It’s no surprise, then, that our collaboration was promising from the start…

Specialist in hematology, Professor Ana Boban is a consultant lecturer at the hematology department of Zagreb university hospital in Croatia. Her research primarily focuses on hemophilia and its potential treatments. In one of her publications, she has offered a highly-enlightening breakdown of the safety and efficacy of turoctocog alfa, a B-domain truncated human coagulation Factor VIII (rDNA), in the treatment of hemophilia A.1

In one of our collaborations, we revised a highly interesting article written by her to be published in the Haemophilia journal. The paper is focused on how short-term central venous catheter use could help improve ways of infusing coagulation factor concentrates in hemophilia patients requiring surgery. Boban’s publication ended with several encouraging conclusions.

We’d like to express our thanks to Professor Boban for this stimulating collaboration and are excited to see what great successes her future has in store!

1 Boban A, Lambert C, Hermans C. The use of short-term central venous catheters for optimizing continuous infusion of coagulation factor concentrate in haemophilia patients undergoing major surgical procedures. Haemophilia 2015;21:e364-8.

Our partnership with Louvain Médical

Our partnership with Louvain Médical

Louvain Médical is the review published by the faculty of medicine and dentistry of the Université catholique de Louvain, in Brussels, Belgium. We have enjoyed a long working relationship with its Editor-in-Chief, Professor Cédric Hermans, and also with its Editorial Director, Madame Isabelle Istasse.

Every month, Madame Istasse sends us abstracts of studies destined for publication in the review, entrusting us with the proofreading and final perfecting, over which we take the utmost care no matter how short the deadline. In exchange for this service, a page of the review is dedicated specially to promoting our agency.

In addition to this, Madame Istasse takes advantage of any occasion to recommend our services to the many researchers and doctors she meets on a daily basis during her work for Louvain Médical. Needless to say, she has gone beyond being just a client to us over the years of our collaboration, becoming a real friend.

Zoom on Pauline K.

Zoom on Pauline K.

Pauline K., medical translator, joined us at Cremer Consulting SARL in 2017. Now, after three years working with us, she’s excited to tell you all about her experience with our team.

It’s so difficult to sum up everything I’ve learned at Cremer Consulting in just a few words, yet I’m happy to try as it’s a great chance to remember how far I’ve come.

I remember first of all the exponential progress I made in the first year. The rhythm was quite different from what I’d experienced during my master’s, and I was immediately in contact with a wide variety of medical specialties. I built up a vast amount of precious knowledge and the excellent advice offered by my colleagues enabled me to quickly perfect my translation quality.

That being said, experience in medical translation is far from all I have gained at Cremer Consulting. The team was so quick to trust me with more, offering me the chance to prove my skills in a range of areas, from project management to editing, not to mention revision and adapting scientific articles. Even now, I learn something new every day here. Take, for example, when a collaborator taught me the basics in graphic design and content management just a few months ago.

Finally, I have also learned so much from my colleagues at the agency, both my supervisors and those under me, and I’d like to thank them all. They have shown me that, with a little determination and some hard work, you can do anything!

Zoom on Jonathan K.

Zoom on Jonathan K.

Jonathan K. joined our team in 2017. Freshly graduated from the Strasbourg Business School, EM, he took on the role of making our communication strategy more dynamic. Just two years later and his success is plain to see. Today, he’s offering a glimpse of what his day-to-day is like at Cremer Consulting SARL.

I’ve been working for Cremer Consulting SARL for two years now. I initially joined as a communications intern, and as you’ll know from my previous LinkedIn post, those first six months were a fantastic experience, but it turned out to be only the beginning.

Our great collaboration is still going strong today, giving me the chance to constantly develop my skills in a wide variety of areas, from online communications to graphic design, video editing, and content management.

It isn’t just hard skills that I’ve acquired, though. The entire team at Cremer Consulting, Pauline in particular, have helped me improve my organisational skills and be more thorough with project management. It’s been challenging, but extremely rewarding!

At the moment I’m relishing the success we’ve had with our two special video posts, in two languages, celebrating the 15th anniversary of Cremer Consulting SARL. Despite the quarantine, we’ve been able to share our excitement in virtual meetings, both with you and all the team!

See you soon,


All we could hope for over the next few years…

All we could hope for over the next few years…

... is to continue to satisfy every one of you, our clients, with our hard work and best effort to create for you the most pertinent medical texts of faultless quality!

Each one of our teams is made up of a medical and linguistic expert. For over 15 years now, we have been editing and translating medical texts, not to mention our other services of qualified medical writing, producing original publications of great quality specifically tailored to the needs of each individual client.

In the future, we look to build further upon this last service in response to the growing demand we’ve seen in this sector. Yet, alongside this ambition, we also aim to cater to the general public, pulling the curtain back on the secrets of the medical world using accessible, jargon-free language.

During the lockdown, instead of placing our teams on partial unemployment, we preferred to set them to work on generating a book on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. While this book is just a trial project, on a subject particularly close to my heart, others are bound to follow…

Until next time,

Gabrielle Cremer