Strasbourg Mon Amour 2019


In Strasbourg, Valentine's Day lasts 10 days. Every February, Strasbourg doffs the mantle of "Capital of Christmas" to become instead the "Capital of Lovers."

On February 8, 2019, Strasbourg will get into the swing of Valentine's Day with a rich and
varied program entirely devoted to the theme of love. The list of events planned is long, and
includes themed lunches, pre-dinner drinks to the sound of opera, and an evening of
operetta, to name but a few. Since Strasbourg is very much our beloved city, here are a few
hidden gems that you'll find off the beaten path.

Do not leave Strasbourg without first visiting the Protestant church of St. Thomas and the
impressive mausoleum of Marshal Maurice de Saxe that lies in its choir. Also of great
interest there are the frescoes from the 13 th century, the extraordinary stained-glass
windows, particularly the superb rose window, and the Silbermann organ on which Mozart
played in 1778S.

To enjoy a nice meal for two, we highly recommend the Cornichon Masqué at Place du
Marché Gayot, which is situated a stone's throw from Notre Dame Cathedral. This restaurant
serves French and Alsatian cuisine of very good quality, the service is friendly and the prices
very reasonable. Note that the restaurant is closed on Mondays.

And it need not be said that on the list of things that must be seen in Strasbourg, Notre
Dame Cathedral lies right at the top. Both the interior and exterior are of exceptional
beauty. Take a stroll around it every day and you will discover extraordinary new works of
art with each visit.
The facade of the Cathedral is particularly exquisite, with countless statues in an excellent
state of preservation. If you can find the four stork statues and send a short description of
their location to, you will be entitled to a special reward!