The Alzheimer’s Village


Alzheimer’s sufferers are often forced to live in rather confined conditions in specialised centres… Some buildings are even designed to make patients walk in circles, saving the nursing staff from having to run after those who decide to go for a wander.

These environments, however, do not unfortunately help individuals maintain social skills or autonomy, which is exactly what the creators of this unusual project wanted to redress. By the end of 2019, the first ever European Alzheimer’s village will open its gates at Dax in the French Landes region.

The village will be a home for 120 patients, offering an environment that their friends and families are certain to find simply idyllic. The residents will actually be able to freely wander around the 7 hectare site set up like village, with a restaurant, tea room, corner shop, hair dresser’s, library and more.

Every possible effort is made to coax the individuals out of their isolation and encourage them to be independent rather than relying on others. What’s more is the nursing staff don’t wear white coats, instead joining in with the village life role play.