The benefits of lacto-fermentation


We have been eating fermented products for thousands of years. Originally used as a food preservation technique, lacto-fermentation has since shown considerable health benefits.

As their name indicates, lacto-fermented foods are the result of controlled microbial fermentation, i.e. the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria already present on the food. They are mainly fruits and vegetables, but also cereals - to obtain the famous sourdough bread - dairy products, etc.
The health benefits of lacto-fermentation are due to the presence of probiotic microbes that strengthen our intestinal microbiota. These "good bacteria" are essential to the proper functioning of our body and play a vital role in our immune system. Thus, an imbalance of the intestinal flora can be at the origin of inflammatory and auto-immune diseases.
In addition to preserving the nutritional qualities of foods and even increasing their vitamin and mineral content, lacto-fermentation leads to the production of bioactive compounds that can reduce heart disease, but also certain cancers.