To build muscle while having fun


Like every summer, aquatic activities are making a comeback for everyone's pleasure. Here are three sports to practice in the water to build muscle without thinking about it.

A must for a few years now, stand-up paddling is a very complete activity that makes you work on your balance while building up your back, arms, and abdominal muscles. Practiced standing on a board, it requires a lot of strength, especially at sea.

Still using a paddle, but this time in a seated position, the canoe will allow you to explore your vacation destination and validate your cardio session at the same time. Another advantage: it can be done solo or in pairs.

A playful mix between surfing and water skiing, wakeboarding is sure to please thrill-seekers. In a dedicated park or in the sea, it adapts to all levels and allows you to quickly build up your muscles and improve your coordination. What are you waiting for to jump into the water?