Toxicity of home fragrances


While previous studies have already shown that combustible air fresheners emit substances that are harmful to health, the PRESSENS research project investigated the impact of home fragrances.

The results of this study have shown that the use of aerosols, scented wicks and other non-combustible air fresheners in indoor environments should be limited to a minimum. These products contain volatile substances and polluting particles that can cause respiratory problems and irritation, but are also potentially carcinogenic or toxic to the liver.
It has also been highlighted that manufacturers are not always fully transparent about the composition of these products. The consumer is therefore invited to be vigilant and to observe certain good practices. It is particularly advised to avoid using them in the presence of vulnerable people, including children, pregnant people, or those suffering from respiratory disorders.
It should also be noted that a pleasant odor does not necessarily indicate a clean environment. To ensure healthy air, there is nothing like airing your home daily!