Vive La Rentrée!


“La Rentrée” is quite a celebration in France: there is so much excitement in the air.

The kids are feeling tense about returning to school – after a long summer break. The French take a really festive approach to this back-to-school affair, as the month of September is the perfect occasion to reconnect with friends and embark on exciting new projects. Given that life becomes more frantic, it may get harder still to cope with both family and work pressures.

Dreading returning to work after all that relaxation on holiday? What you need to do is delegate, delegate, and delegate! Call upon the expertise of our medical publishing specialists to help you bring your projects to life! Writing, translating, adapting, answering reviewers, submitting, and re–submitting: We’re only too happy to help with any or all steps of publishing your work.

Internationally oriented, we work in English, French and German. Our texts are designed for health professionals or general public, and we intent not only to meet but rather to exceed our clients’ goal. By not specializing in any one field, we propose to our customers services in a wide range of therapeutic areas.