World AIDS Day on 1 st December 2018


The 2018 world AIDS day is scheduled to take place on the 1st of December, in France and a growing number of countries from all over the world as well. This commemoration day is meant to call public attention towards all those who are involved in the AIDS challenge on a daily basis.

On this solidarity day, we wish to demonstrate that we unite our forces in our common fight against
AIDS. To win the fight against AIDS, we clearly need a renewed commitment to prevention. Our
prevention efforts must do much more to help people protect themselves and their families against AIDS. We must continue to develop better drugs with increased efficacy and safety, while facilitating access to these drugs. Lastly, we must continue our fight at the human level and prevent discrimination of people affected by the disease.

This global AIDS day offers us the opportunity to take a hard look at successes and failures of the past
years, and formulate plans for a future with no new HIV infections, zero discrimination, and zero death
related to AIDS.

Let’s stay united on all fronts against AIDS.