World Pneumonia Day


First established in 2009, the World Pneumonia Day, is now being celebrated on November 12 every year.

This Pneumonia Day has been designed to raise awareness on the prevention, diagnosis, and
treatment of this so common disease, which is the wolrd’s leading killer disease in children under 5 years
of age.

Vaccines and other preventative efforts have clearly been shown to reduce the burden of the disease.
However, much more work is still required. People, and particularly children living in poor communities,
are at highest risk of developping pneumonia. Every child, regardless of where they are born, deserves access to lifesaving vaccines and medicines.

Vaccines are one of the most effective ways to prevent pneumonia. Other critical solutions, such as
exclusive breastfeeding and good nutrition, handwashing with soap, access to sanitation and safe
drinking water, clean cookstoves and fuels, zinc and oral rehydration solution, amoxicillin, and vitamin A
can substantially reduce child death if fully implemented.

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