Losing weight with intermittent fasting?


Losing weight with intermittent fasting?

In recent years, intermittent fasting has become a very popular dietary practice, especially for weight loss. A new study has looked at the so-called 16/8 variant, which consists of alternating a 16-hour fasting period with an 8-hour eating phase.

The 16/8 form is particularly interesting because it goes beyond simple caloric restriction by involving the circadian rhythm and its impact on the production of metabolic hormones.

Limiting food intake over time has the main effect of creating a caloric deficit, which is at the origin of weight loss. But would reducing your total calorie intake, without resorting to intermittent fasting, be enough to observe the same benefits?

Probably not. Several studies suggest that the time of day at which we eat food determines our metabolism. Eating early in the day, in the morning and early afternoon, seems to improve insulin resistance in particular.