Medical communication this summer


It’s finally here, summer has arrived, bringing the sun with it! Are you already planning your holiday break? Don’t worry about work – our teams are on hand all summer long. Entrust your projects to us and concentrate on enjoying your summer!

A wide range of skills

A wide range of skills

It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that medicine is a vast field. Human medicine, veterinary medicine, and specialties like dentistry – all of these fields and more are counted among our expertise.

Cremer Consulting primarily works in human medicine, but not exclusively! Since 2017, we have consistently developed our experience in veterinary medicine, too, through our collaborations with many veterinarians. As a result, we can appreciate the similarities and differences of these two fascinating disciplines. In fact, soon we will be dedicating an entire article to the subject.

For now, though, we are also working on a large project of another specialty, one that really stands alone – dentistry. Characterized by its high technicality, this field tests and strengthens our scientific and linguistic rigor. Through consulting past studies and other deep research means, we ensure we faithfully reproduce all the complexity and precision of this discipline.

Why not call upon our many years of expertise for your medical and scientific projects? The Cremer Consulting team will be honored to help – pulling out all the stops to obtain the best possible result!

Hit the ground running this summer!

Hit the ground running this summer!

As the days grow warmer, it’s time to treat yourself to a well-earned rest. You can count on the Cremer Consulting team to take care of all your Express translations throughout the summer months!

Cremer Consulting is specialized in Express translations – send us your document for translation and you will receive the finished version in next to no time – sometimes within just 1 hour.

So why let yourself get buried under work? Take a break – and rest safe in the knowledge that even when the deadline’s tight, our teams are on hand all year long to take care of your projects, even those that are running late.

Let us reassure you, too, that these Express translations are not rushed through, impacting on their quality. Our translation standards are all still strictly followed. In fact, the same standards are applied as those for all translations we perform. The key is simply our reactivity – one of our competitive edges – while keeping the same high quality!

The art of treating damage caused by myocardial infarction

The art of treating damage caused by myocardial infarction

At the beginning of our activity in medical editing, Professor Prunier, cardiologist at the Angers university hospital, was one of the first to entrust his work to us. Over the nearly 10 years since, we have had the pleasure of reworking his English-language articles for publication in major medical journals. Here is a short outline of his career…

Though currently living in Angers, Prof. Prunier actually discovered his passion for cardiology many thousands of miles away in Montreal. On his return to France, he completed his medical residency in cardiology and presented his thesis in Angers, before jetting off again, this time to Harvard Medical School in Boston to complete a post-doctorate. Back in Angers years later, he began a career comprising many different activities, including clinical work in cardiology intensive care, the hemodynamic laboratory, and consultations, as well as supervising thesis students. Since 2012, he has also been at the head of the Mitovasc Research Institute’s cardioprotection, remodelling, and thrombosis research laboratory. His primary field of interest is myocardial infarction, and more specifically working on advancing treatments to reduce the damage caused by reperfusion.

Driven by the desire to push research to new undiscovered heights, Prof. Prunier has been involved in many studies. One of his articles has actually just been published in the prestigious Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

The dynamic passion of Prof. Prunier inspires us, and we wish him all the professional success he so deserves.

New focus on communication and marketing

New focus on communication and marketing

Following the arrival of Jonathan K as a member of our team, we have been more attentive to how we communicate our company’s activities and manage our marketing channels. A month on, let’s look at the progress we’ve made.

Since the moment he arrived, Jonathan has put his all into his internship. In just one month, he has made considerable progress and contributed to the company’s development by modernizing our communications and marketing approaches. Adept at new technologies, video editing, and social media marketing, he has helped us boost our visibility and enrich our communication to the world.

A few days ago, he created his first video ad for Cremer Consulting – take a look following this link: !

Beyond his eager nature and irrepressible good mood, Jonathan is keen to keep our agency progressing in its field, often proposing new ideas for improving and optimizing different processes. It’s a real pleasure working with him.