Mitigating the Adverse Effects of Chemotherapy


The cancer-preventing benefits of plants, such as garlic, onions and curcuma, have already been well established. But there’s no plant-based treatment that can eradicate tumors.

On the other hand, plant-based treatments may prove very useful when accompanied by other therapies in close cooperation with an oncologist. This is how desmodium, the plant with purple flowers, has turned out to be a super protector of the liver.
In this regard, desmodium helps improve tolerance of the adverse effects caused by chemotherapy; patients feel less nauseous and their recovery is quicker.
If this concerns you, ask your pharmacist for a relatively controlled form, such as dried plant liquid extracts (DPE), instead of capsules. These dried plant extracts will be combined with chemotherapy on the same day and subsequent days, according to the intensity of the nausea.