The magical benefits of pumpernickel bread


Adding pumpernickel bread to your daily diet can magically impact your health and well-being. This healthy bread is made with coarsely ground rye flour and fermented with a sourdough starter.

A major health benefit derived from consuming pumpernickel bread is that the starter’s acidic acid and the soluble fibers of rye keep the bread’s glycemic load quite low. Unlike bread made with wheat, when you eat pumpernickel bread, you consume much fewer carbohydrates. Pumpernickel does, indeed, have a low glycemic index (GI) that prevents your blood sugar from significantly spiking up following a meal. It helps effectively reduce blood sugar levels and thus is particularly suited to diabetic patients.

Another advantage is that pumpernickel bread is extremely low in calories: One slice of pumpernickel bread contains about 65 calories, which is fewer than an apple. Despite its low calorie content, it has a high satiety index. In other words, this bread makes you feel satiated for a longer time period compared with normal white bread or baguettes.