The sun is dangerous – protect yourself!


Sunny days are back again, and we’re stripping down to make the most of it…but keep in mind that the sun is far from your friend!

After all those grey days, the temptation to do a little sun bathing is almost irresistible, for all of us. Yet the sun can be truly dangerous, especially for our skin. So remember the rule: protect yourself.
Sure, you don’t need to wrap up in a ski-suit to leave the house in May, but you should think about following these simple suggestions: cover your head and, if possible, your neck; avoid long periods in direct sun; avoid especially the hottest part of the day (between 12 and 3pm); and put sun cream on all exposed skin.
Though you undoubtedly already know this, it never hurts to be reminded that the sun not only causes sun burn, but its UVB rays are responsible for a large number of skin cancers. So basically, you don’t need to flee from the sun, but you should adequately protect how exposed you are!