Walking barefoot is good for you


Walking barefoot is good for you

Did you know that walking barefoot on natural surfaces, in the forest, on the beach or even in your garden, has certain health benefits?

Before putting on their first shoes, babies learn to walk barefoot. Contact with the ground is essential for developing proprioception and the bones, muscles and tendons of the lower limbs. Many experts believe that our feet lose strength and flexibility when kept in rigid shoes.

With over 7,200 nerve endings, the foot is very sensitive to variations in terrain. Walking in the grass or sand stimulates certain reflex points related to different organs, acting as a kind of foot reflexology therapy.

In addition to improving blood and lymphatic circulation, walking barefoot alters the electrical activity of our brain and leads to psychological changes that can reduce stress and improve sleep quality. Direct contact with the ground also allows our body to absorb negative electrons from the earth, which help balance our hormone production.