When the clocks change, do our bodies too?


Taking us by surprise twice a year since ’76, the clocks just changed again, so we thought it a good time to look at how it affects our bodies.

So there you have it: that may be the very last time we change the clocks. Last summer, a European
commission was set up to decide on whether we should stop this practice in Europe.

Aside from being a slight annoyance, what effect does this change have on us physically? For some
years now, the practice has been more and more heavily criticised by healthcare professionals for its
damaging effects on our sleep patterns. According to some, this shift could be the cause of increased
accidents at the workplace, as well as heart attacks that appear to occur just after the change.

In a way, it’s actually our entire life rhythm that is significantly disturbed. At some point in 2019,
however, we should finally know which time shift we’ll be keeping for evermore. What do you think
it will be? Summer or winter?