Finding Serenity with Griffonia


In the past, Griffonia was used in traditional African medicine to cure gastrointestinal and kidney problems. Today, Griffonia sparks our interest because of its high concentration of 5-HTP, which is directly involved in serotonin production…

Serotonin, sometimes called a “happiness hormone”, is a neurotransmitter that plays an essential role in regulating our mood, sleep and appetite. When its production is blocked, such as when we’re stressed out, we become susceptible to depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc.
Fortunately, there are many natural ways to restart the production of serotonin. Sports, exposure to daylight, positive thoughts, and certain plants, such as Griffonia, may represent a preliminary solution.
Between 5% and 10% of the content of Griffonia seeds is made up of 5-HTP, a serotonin precursor. Griffonia seeds can also promote the production of this so-called happiness hormone, thereby helping to improve your mood and find serenity.