Who controls the pulsed-light hair removal market?


While you may be trying to decide which hair-removal method you should choose to get long- lasting results this summer, you probably have no idea of the conflict that has been raging between dermatologists and beauticians for many years…

The monopoly of doctors over pulsed-light epilation in France dates back to legislature from 1962 stipulating that “all types of epilation, except for those using tweezers or wax” constitute acts that can only be performed by medical professionals. More recent legislature has further ordered that laser and pulsed-light hair removal methods are also reserved for doctors.

Yet this has in no way stopped some beauty parlours and beauticians from offering these services, and now that lawsuits have started to be filed, notably by dermatologist unions, these centres have found themselves on the receiving end of some serious legal disputes. Today, a new law is being created. If it passes, it will enable “any nurse or paramedic working under the supervision of a doctor, or beautician”, who holds a certificate qualifying them for this procedure, may practice pulsed-light hair removal.

Dermatologists have since been on high alert, and warn that this type of epilation is potentially dangerous, as well as being a good opportunity for dermatologists to screen for dermatological conditions, an opportunity that would be missed should people opt for other providers.